Thursday, July 22, 2010


Didn't get my walk'n in today...bad me...heeeheee. Slept in, then went and straigtened up my booth at the antique was soooooooo hot in there today. Either that, or the menopause is set'n in and the hot flashes are start'

Hubs and I ordered pizza for dinner today, then took it to the park to eat. If you haven't figured it out yet, I don't cook too much anymore. There's just the two of kiddos...and it's just a whole lot easier for us to go out to eat...less expensive too. I do a WalMart trip once or twice a week and pick up things like fresh fruit, crackers, granola bars and basic the other household things like soap, detergent, tp and toiletries. But as far as big food shopping and planning meals, we don't it anymore.

We spent a few hours out in the yard tonight. I trimmed the hedges across the back of the yard, and hubby worked on the lawn mower. We bought a new mower last week, cuz the old one conked out on us. Hubby got the old one run'n again tonight though, so now we have 2 lawn mowers. Ok with me...we can both be out there mow'n at the same time and get the lawn done a whole lot faster.

I have some dolls I need to finish up before I go to bed, then get the final coat of paint on my cupboard. I've gotten both of my thrifted cupboards painted now...woohoo!!!


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