Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm pooped...

Busy day. Got the trim'n done around the yard, then hubby and I mowed. None to soon I tell ya, cuz there's a storm brew'n up out there. Got dark all of a sudden, the wind is really pick'n up, and I can hear the thunder get'n closer.

I think I'm gonna try to move some pieces of furniture around tomorrow. I put one of my old cupboards in my booth at the antique mall, so now I have a bare spot I need to fill. I have a another cupboard...a hoosier that was my grandma's...that I think I'll move there. Where the hoosier is now, I can put my year round tree and fill in with some little things. I need to change the lights on my tree anyway...half of them went out over a week

Not much else go'n on this evening. Design Star is on HGTV tonight, so I'll probably sit and watch that and work on a stitchery. I have a few dolls I need to work on too, but I'm so pooped out from be'n in the yard and sun today, that I'd just rather sit on the couch and stitch.


Ahl Cooped Up said...

I love HGTV and the Food Network. It's hot here too!

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