Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Homemade cookies...yum

Just got done make'n a batch of homemade cookies...yummy!!! More than just plain ole chocolate chip cookies...I added walnuts and coconut too...mmm mmm good. I'm not one to eat warm cookies, so these will have to cool off a bit for my liking...however...hubby has already "sampled" several, and they seem to have passed the test :-) I don't have any wire racks, so I put my cookies on paper towels on the kitchen table to cool off.

Started my day with my walk at the mall. Had some normal errands to run like the post office and bank. We went to dinner at Mehlman's...a local cafeteria style restaurant...then to Lowe's for a board to put a shelf in my red cupboard we thrifted yesterday. Came home and whipped up my cookies, while hubby worked on my cupboard. Got some work done, processed orders, and will try to get my cupboard painted this evening. Other than that, not much go'n on :-)


paulette said...

Your cookies look yummy...and I'm like you- I like them cold...if there are any left!
Take care!

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