Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday 2/6/12

Happy Monday to ya!!!
Watched the super bowl lastnight with the hubby...glad the Giants won. Personally, I'm a Pittsburgh fan...go Steelers...but out of the 2 teams that went to the super bowl this year, I liked the Giants over the Patriots. I like to sit and watch basketball too, even though I don't follow any particular team. Pittsburgh so needs a basketball team.

My sewing machine hasn't arrived yet. It was mailed parcel post, so I'd imagine it will be hear some time this week. I need to pick up some extra bobbins for it. I like to pre-wind lots of bobbins so they are ready when I need them. I just open up my little bobbin container and grab whatever color I and easy.

We added a few punch needle patterns to the site over the weekend. I've been having requests to do punch needle patterns, so I took the plunge. I'll add the pics here to the blog I've got 2 more punch needle patterns in the works.

Don't forget about the sale... 40% off St. Patty's and Easter!!!


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