Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday morning...'s Friday!!! Hubs made it through his first week at his new position at work. He's brought work home every single night...and I'm sure he'll have work to do over the weekend as well...ick. We don't have kids...just 2 cats...and I am so not used to him be'n home and us not spend'n time together. He says that after this calms down...probably a few months...he won't have as much to do at home. Right now they are setting up a new account for a new client, and they are starting everything at the bottom...nothing in place yet.

Tonight after work, hubby and I are going to see my nieces last home basketball game of the year. She plays girl's well as soccer...but cheers during basketball season for the boys team. She is also...are ya ready for this...the very first girl on the high school boys football team in school history...she's the kicker. She excelled so much at soccer her freshman year, that the football coaches teased her and said you should be our kicker. niece takes a challenge you can see...and she went out for the team. They didn't pull any punches and put her through the same practices and workouts at the boys...and she did BETTER than a lot of the boys. This past season she was even featured on ONN where she kicked the winning field goal for her team. Here's a nice article about her online...can ya tell I'm the proud!!!


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