Friday, January 27, 2012

Trying to get my thoughts in order...ughhh

Feel'n a bit brain foggy today. Holidays are over, it's winter...gloomy and ugly outside...and I'm already looking forward to Spring. I finally got my final craft mall booth closed up last month, and now I need to get cranking on some pattern ideas.

I have some stitchery pattern ideas in my head, but I'm just not sure where I want to head with the stitchery patterns. I've always had the philosophy that doing stitchery pattern "sheets" keeps the price low, everyone can afford them, and they are faster to produce. Gotta say though, several times a week, I get the email that says "I have the picture for stitchery pattern # so and so...but I need the directions and thread color list". I had one lady in particular that flat out told me that her daughter printed off stitchery pattern pics from our site all the time, and came up with her own colors. But she...the mom...wasn't as creative, and would be appreciative if I could just email her the colors to the pictures she printed off. How do you respond to someone who just stole from you...let me tell's hard and I bite my tongue every single time. I politely tell them that the colors are included with the purchase of the pattern and leave it at that...meanwhile I'm wanting to jump through the screen and scream "are you kidding me????". You just emailed the person you stole from, and now you want more...duh!!!

I hate not to make stitchery patterns anymore, but part of me is just tired of the stealing and the gutsy notes and emails. Even if I don't respond to all your comments, I'd really like some input on this. Please leave your thoughts and opinions...I'd really appreciate it.


Sew Many Raggedies said...

I love your stitchery patterns and have quite a few of them. I would be very sad if you decided not to create them anymore. Maybe you could put a watermark or something like that on the pics. I have been to other sites where when you click on the picture, it stays small so you can't print the picture. (not that I would even think about doing that!!). That really is nervy of someone to do too. Maybe you should tell them it's stealing and not be so polite about it! It would be a crying shame to lose such a talented pattern designer because other people are just so stupid and ignorant! Sorry for the rambling, but it really grinds me too!
Have a great weekend!

lindeelou said...

Maybe you should have a standard letter made up of copy rights and get the addresses from those people ... act like your would be happy to mail the colors and send them a copy right notice instead...Bet they do not ask again. If they do send them a lawyers name to help explain things easier for them. Some people....

WoolenSails said...

I can't believe they do that, the nerve of some people.
I usually do mine in booklets, so they can see the cover photo but not the graphics. I have had someone buy a pattern book, then take one of the designs and redo it and sell it as her own. Quite obvious when someone buys your pattern and then comes up with something exactly like it;) I haven't been selling lately, need a stress break.


peggy said...

Alas, some people are just clueless, I have been making things for many years and the what I have heard people say would make a book. I have many of your doll patterns and I do hope you do not get discouraged and that there are enough honest people to keep you creating and profitable.

Only what is done in the right spirit ever prospers.

Country Whispers said...

Oh please don't let the *bad eggs* ruin it for all of us. I love your patterns and the fact that they are within my price range.
I like the idea above about sending them the copyright notice ONLY when they ask for the colors.

auntdeedee said...

I too would be saddened by the loss of your stitchery patterns. I have purchased quite the collection overall the last few years. Is there a way to perhaps make the picture on the website smaller/watermarked or something that would deter those from snatching it and ocming up with their own colors? I can't believe the nerve of someone admitting to stealing them and then asking for directions.

I can't remember how your site is, but have you disabled it so they can't right click the pic to save it or print it.

Another about a pattern club? I don't know about the others, but your my first go to site when I'm "itchin' to get a stitchin'" and looking for a new pattern. I'd be willing to pay a flat monthly subscription for maybe access to patterns, or when you add new ones; we'd have to login to access the patterns. Also would save you from having to email patterns out.

Whatever you decide, i for one hope to see your patterns continue. You have also been so generous in the past by posting freebies and I know you've given away ones too. I hate it when a few can ruin it for the rest.

Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

Wow what is it with the copyright theft etc. I read one blog this morning {a-simpler-time.} who has closed because of this happening. People can just right click and download patterns, it can be done on many sites. There are some sites that if you right click it does not work. you right click on her photos it says function disabled. Something you might want to look into. Don't let these people win.

Twin Creek Primitives said...

I have MANY of your AMAZING stitchery patterns and I hope you continue making them! When you get emails like that... CONFRONT THEM!
Reply with:
"All of my patterns come with instructions so tell me, if you are emailing me with these questions... you clearly didn't BUY my pattern... would you care to tell me WHERE you got it?!"
Maybe that will scare them into STOP STEALING from other artists!!
Your work is amazing - I hope you continue to make them but I certainly understand your frustration! The NERVE of some people!

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