Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Monday...time to start the week :-)

Thanks for all the replies to my last post about our stitchery patterns. I really needed to hear some positive, and I'm gonna look into some solutions for the problem.

Hubby started his new job today. He's with the same company...just a different client. His schedule changed too, and's gonna take some time for me to adjust. He used to work four 10 hour shifts per week...with 3 days off. Now he's back to monday thru friday with weekends off. His company runs 24/7 and he was midshift before. He worked until 1 am, and we were never in bed before night owls. Now he's got a morning shift and I'm trying to adjust to not living like a vampire

I managed to have my butt outta bed by 8:30 this morning...turned in last night around midnight...that's way early for me. Of course I couldn't fall asleep and laid there for a couple of hours...while hubs was on his side of the bed sawing logs. I'm thankful that he adjusted right away though...I'd hate to think of him starting a new position and going in there with no sleep. As for me though...good thing I had my I wasn't bored in my state of insomnia. I think I played a zillion games of moxie2, then finally fell asleep while tipping my neighbors on bakery


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